RailMaint GmbH - “We keep our customers rolling”

RailMaint GmbH is a leading German enterprise that offers a wide range of maintenance services and mobile service for all your rail vehicle needs: passenger carriages in main line traffic and mass transit, suburban and regional trains, freight and tank cars, and their components.

We offer a well-connected and geographically extensive coverage across Germany through our five plants in Delitzsch, Duisburg, Kaiserslautern, Leipzig, Oberhausen (Bavaria) and their associated satellite branches in Wolfsburg, Ingolstadt and Naples. Our 800 employees are committed to delivering a high-end service and using their expertise to ensure that your vehicles keep on rolling.

Please contact us for more information on our workshops plants and maintenance services for freight and passenger transport.

Some 800 employees work at RailMaint GmbH's five current locations in Delitzsch, Duisburg, Kaiserslautern, Leipzig and Oberhausen/Bavaria and respective service stations. 

We provide a comprehensive range of maintenance services and mobile services for your railway vehicles, such as passenger carriages of regional and long-distance transport, suburban trains and regional trains, freight and tank cars and their components.

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The transport of goods by rail vehicle is one of the most secure, cost-efficient and low-emission options, both with respect to short distance and long distance transport.

Maintenance and servicing of all kinds of freight trains is RailMaint GmbH's core business.

Our plants have a long-standing tradition and recognized competence in modernisation, revision, paintwork and repairs.

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Technical service and maintenance are crucial to your efforts to provide excellent customer care. Passengers expect a high degree of reliability, security, and comfort in both long-distance and short-distance transport. Punctuality, comfortable seats, door closing safety, functioning air-conditioning, clean toilets – we help you to meet those demands at all times.

RailMaint GmbH is a modern, efficient and flexible company dedicated to all rail vehicle services.

We carry out our work to the highest standards and offer our customers a comprehensive range of expert service solutions.

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