Wintgensstraße 91
D-47058 Duisburg

Approach data

Railway station no.: 226 654
Reference figure: 281-64
Station: Duisburg Hafen

Freight expertise right at Europe’s highly frequented transport axis

Our Duisburg plant is not only centrally located in Europe's biggest inland port, but also in close proximity to the Benelux union and Rotterdam seaport – an important logistical advantage for our clients. At RailMaint GmbH's smallest location, our experienced vehicle specialists work on freight train maintenance and servicing – even across borders. Our mobile service in Duisbirg is equally well-equipped and competent: with specially equipped service vehicles, they quickly arrive at damaged trains both in order to carry out smaller repairs and in cases of emergency.


• Railway track: 5 km

• Total surface area: 11.000 m2

Range of services includes:

• Maintenance and revision

• Wheelset reconditioning

• Repair, redesign and modernisation

• Special services including paintwork or cleaning of outside surfaces

• Mobile service