Pariser Straße 300
67663 Kaiserslautern

Approach data

Railway station no.: 699 058
Reference figure: 441-23
Station: Einsiedlerhof
AGL: Kaiserslautern plant

The “competence centre for components” in the Pfalz

RailMaint GmbH concentrates the maintenance and reconditioning of components in its Kaiserslautern plant. For decades, all tasks for a professional component service rank among the core competence of the location, meaning that the technically highly qualified employees based here have acquired comprehensive experience in this area. Work is carried out on vehicle components such as brake parts, damping elements, couplings or traction and buffer gear using modern manufacturing methods and testing technology. Furthermore, the plant offers solutions for all classic tasks of freight car maintenance and repair such as damage repair, revision, modification or modernisation.


• Railway track: 10 km

• Total surface area: 27,000 m2

• Generously dimensioned track ladder as well as manufacturing tracks with lifting equipment and flexible working platforms

• Smouldering, washing and belt shot blaster machines

• Wheelset, bogie, hydraulic and metal workshop

Range of services include:

• Repair, testing and reconditioning of components such as buffers, draw hooks, traction and buffer gear, couplings, friction springs or hydraulic capsules

• The offer covers some 300 buffer types, more than 70 draw hooks and more than 80 friction spring types

• Upon request new and special manufacture of components

• Wheelset reconditioning up to IS2

• Repair, revision, modification and modernisation of freight cars

• Regular and special services in the fields of corrosion protection, blasting and painting techniques, metalworking, steel construction as well as for more extensive welding work

• Mobile service