Leipzig Plant

Werkstättenstraße 4
04319 Leipzig

Approach data

Railway station no.: 375 626
Reference figure: 820-21
Station: Engelsdorf
AGL: Leipzig plant

Freight car expertise for more mobility

In the more than 100 years of its existence, the Leipzig plant has acquired a consummate professionalism in the qualified processing of all requirements when carrying out maintenance on rail-bound freight cars. This includes scheduled and unscheduled maintenance work, as well as individual services such as tank car cleaning or corrosion protection. This location possesses outstanding expertise for vehicle overhaul and modernisation: Its engineering team finds sustainable solutions even for complex projects, which are implemented accurately and on site. A mobile service team is available at the plant to carry out any necessary repairs on the track.


• Railway track: 10 km

• Total surface area: 25,000 m2

• Blast facility

• Paint shop

• Tank car – interior and exterior cleaning facility

• Incineration for liquid gas

Range of services includes:

• Maintenance and revision, necessary repairs

• Wagon overhaul and modernisation

• More comprehensive welding work

• Interior and exterior cleaning of freight and tank cars for a multitude of mineral oil and chemical products

• Relaxing and degassing of pressurised gas tank cars

• Graffiti removal

• Partial and complete painting, corrosion protection

• Mobile service