Oberhausen Plant

Sinninger Straße 11
86697 Oberhausen

Approach data

Railway station no.: 020 487
Reference figure: 625-00
Station: Unterhausen/Bavaria

All-inclusive service for rail-bound freight cars

The Oberhausen plant, with its close geographical proximity to the railway hubs of Ingolstadt, Augsburg, Munich, Regensburg and Nurnberg, as well as to southern European, boasts a key requirement for the on-site processing of orders. In addition to a wide variety of services regarding the maintenance and repair of freight cars, the location is also renowned for the cleaning and reconditioning of tank cars. The unique combination of providing cleaning and subsequent maintenance work ensures a quicker availability of the vehicles. Our staff is employed in the workshops of Oberhausen and Ingolstadt – located directly at the heart of the freight and tank car hub of Ingolstadt, while multiple mobile service teams perform quick and necessary repairs on the tracks. And this both at strategically key terminals in southern Germany as well as in neighbouring countries.


• Railway track: 10 km

• Total surface area: 14.000 m2

• Industrial cleaning facility for pressurised gas, chemical and mineral oil tank cars

• In-house biological wastewater treatment facility

• Pressurised gas tank relaxation and nitrogen rinsing facility

• Service station at Ingolstadt

Range of services includes:

• Maintenance and revision; overhaul and modernisation

• Interior and exterior cleaning of freight and tank cars, in particular of the mineral oil and chemical industry

• Disposal of residual loaded goods under observation of the statutory provisions

• Creation of interior findings

• Preparation of the tank cars for chemical loaded goods through pickling, passivation or inside blasting

• Relaxing and degassing of pressurised gas tank cars as well as their inertisation (nitrogen rinsing)

• Wheelset reconditioning

• Mobile service