Effective maintenance operations

Through expert maintenance work RailMaint contributes to a safe, punctual and comfortable railway passenger transportation. Maintenance costs for rail vehicles with a life span of 30 years can eventually be as high as the initial investment. An effective maintenance strategy has a direct influence both on immediate maintenance costs and on the vehicle's life span.

Range of services / Maintenance

  • Optimized maintenance strategy
  • Utilisation of workshop (role, capacity distribution, adaptation of workshop as required)
  • Maintenance / SPLIT packaging
  • Synchronized maintenance
  • Utilisation of comfort rep (controlled by goals)
  • Emergency maintenance management

Range of services / Servicing and maintenance organization

  • Preventive and condition-based maintenance according to a maintenance plan based on the manufacturer's guidelines, the type of vehicle and the number of operating hours
  • Yearly safety check of brakes, wheels, and lights
  • Regular services and quick deployment of mobile service teams in case of disruptions
  • Comprehensive maintenance with respect to revisions
  • Effective use of extra parts and reprocessed, high-quality components
  • Development of maintenance solutions for increased reliability of operations, effective availability and extended working life of vehicles
  • Minor conversions and improvements of vehicles
  • Nationwide organisation of transport-related services
  • Nationwide maintenance organization
  • Reduction of Life Support Cost (LSC)